What Every Homeowner Should Know About Roof Damage

The roof of your home is one of the essential parts of the house. A roof indisrepair can lead to insurmountable damage to the home's structure and thoseliving within. Often, landowners do not take the time to think about their naf,and some completely ignore the Robi until there is a problem.


You can have the best, most expensive roofing installed, and it will still besubject to the elements.

No roof is damage-proof.

But with regular maintenance and inspection, you can help your roof protectyour home as long as possible.
Here are some of the common causes of rail damage to be aware of:

In an Older Roof- If your roof is old, it may have been installed withless than adequate products by today's standards. As with any product,manufacturing advances over the years, and products become longer-lasting andmore durable. Curling and other damage to the roof will make it moresusceptible to damage by the harsh elements.

The Weather-, wind, rain, hail, and sun can damage the roof. Your tool'sjob is to take the baling and protect you and your family.

Walking on your Roof- Putting Christmas lights on the house can causedamage if you are not careful. Too much pressure in one area or another canbreak clay tiles, damage shingles, and accelerate deterioration that alreadyexists.

Lack of Maintenance- Putting off repairs after a big storm is a recipefor disaster! Scheduling routine roof maintenance is the best option to keepthat roof in top condition.

Poor Roof Installation- Of course, if you had a roof that was notinstalled well or they used insufficient or poor quality supplies, you may havea problem sooner than others.

Overgrown Trees- Trees can damage a home, not just by falling on them.Dead branches, leaves, and organic decay can cause problems for a roof. Andduring a storm, they can do even worse.

Algae, Fungus, and Lichen on the Roof- These three can do a number onyour roof. When they are allowed to flourish untreated, they can become soacidic that they penetrate the roof. If your roof is primarily shaded duringthe day, you may need to have the roof checked for these.


If you live in Florida, you know what the sun and the wind can do to your roof.A roofing company can assess the damage and promptly tell you how to get itrepaired. But knowing what your home insurance will and won't cover can betricky. The truth is, each insurance policy is a little different, but mostcover roof damage for the following:

·      Tail

·      Lightning

·      Fire

·      Hurricane

·      Windstorm

Then there are the roof damages that are not covered by your homeowner'sinsurance policy. Normal wear and tear are not covered.
And insurance companies are in the business of denying claims until they arechallenged. Ensure you present the best case to your agency by having aprofessional inspection completed to determine the condition of your roof andthe causes of damage.
Furthermore, your agent should be able to provide you with a copy of yourpolicy if you cannot locate yours. Know your policy details by closely lookingthrough the entire document, not only the declarations page. Your roofingcompany can help with that as well.


One of the most critical concerns for a homeowner is moisture in and around thehome. The roof may keep the rain off your head, but water can still creep in,causing catastrophic damage. That roof is your first defense against theelements and things that go bump in the night. Keeping the moisture and waterout of your home is critical.
The folks at Redfin.com put together a list of things a homeowner should knowabout their roof. Here is what it says:

1.     Roofs Don'tLast Forever- Know the ape and condition of the roof over your head.

2.     Be Proactivewith Known Deficiencies- Take care of repairs as soon as you notice any issue with theroofing. And be sure to investigate where the leak in the roof is coming from.

3.     SometimesWhat Covers Your Home May Be Covered by a Warranty- Make sureyou procure the paperwork for a transferable policy. That way, the warranty canbe invoked when problems arise.


No one expects or wants to have their home damaged by natural disasters. Andyou cannot plan for these sorts of things. But natural disaster strikes mostareas of the country, including Florida. When disaster strikes, knowing what todo first is vital. Here is what Is


If you or any member of the household has sustained an injury during the event,the first thing to do is get help. Call the doctor, vet, or emergency servicesif needed. Make sure you take care of yourself and those around you beforeworrying about the property.
Also, please be sure to get photographs and document damage and injuries forlater down the road. That way, your insurance agent and attorney can serve youbetter.


Next, you will need to present further injury and damage by securing thepremises. When there is significant damage done to the rest ar the borneitsell, there can be many dangers lurking. There may be power lines down,exposed electrical cables, and more. First the fire department or otherprofessional has given the all-clear for the family to re-enter the house.ASSESS THE EXTENT OF THE DAMAGE
At this point, you can look around the home and assess the urgency of thedamage created. This can be very emotional and frustrating. lire. Try to takeit one step at a time and not get overwhelmed. However, having an idea of whatmay need repair will help you inform your agent and attorney.The assessment starts with roof damage and goes all the way down the home. Lookfor roof damage like holes in the roof, shingles missing, and leaks beginningto form. Then check the walls. Next, you'll want to look at the windows anddoors, so you'll know if the house is safe and secure. And again, photographand document each step of the process.


Now you will be ready to talk with professionals about how to proceed. Beforespeaking with repair companies, report the Incident to the insurance agency.And if you have damage to the home and the people inside, you may want tocontact an attorney to represent your best interests.
After that, you can call for repair and get your home back in order as soon aspossible. Be doubly sure whomever you choose for the repairs is licensed andInsured. Your Insurance company may even have specific providers they want toperform the repairs.


Next, you will need to talk over the situation with your mortgage company. Yourmortgage loan may have provisional to consider during times of disaster. Youcan discuss your case, and they may be willing to make adjustments to help youwith payments.


If you feel your roof has sustained damage by disaster, you should have itinspected, of course. Then when it is reported to your insurance company, therepairs can begin. Bia if your claim is denied, you can contact a lawyer toreview your case and see if there is something, they run to help.Insurance companies are in operation to make money. They want to award a lowerpayout than what you need and deserve for your roof damage. We see countlessinstances of insurance companies looking for loopholes and adjusting thewording. That is when you need help to resolve an insurance dispute.Ti you cannot agree with the insurance company, trial lawyers can help settlethe dispute. Attempts to lower the claim by the insurance company or bad faithappear in dithering for us.

·      Refusal to thoroughly investigate your roof damage claim andexamine all the evidence.

·      Denying or undervaluing your damage claim.

·      Violation of the homeowner's policy terms.

·      Poor communication from an insurance agent to the policyholder.

·      Blame placed on the policyholder.

·      Threatening the policyholder.

·      Misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the terms of the policy.

·      And frustrating the policyholder to a point, causing you to giveup and give in to a low offer.

When you are being mistreated or the insurance company is acting in bad faith,you need someone to listen and fully comprehend the Ins and outs of theprocess.

The trial lawyers at Carpenter andCzelusta know all their tricks and will call her out in an insurance dispute.


When you are dealing with an insurance dispute over a roof damage claim, youcan reach a favorable settlement resolution with the help of a knowledgeabletrial lawyer. Here is what we suggest at Carpenter and Czelusta.

1.     Know YourRights

2.     Write a Letter

3.     Utilize anAgent or Broker

4.     Involve aThird Party

The lawyers determine you have a viable case, they can work in your favor to reach a better settlement than you were able and your own.


From the Panhandle to the Florida Keys, Carpenter and Czelusta have beenserving Florida victims since 1998. Policyholders cannot replace the knowledgeand expertise of an experienced trial lawyer from the firm of Carpenter andCzelusta. You can count on our compassion for your situation and ourunderstanding of insurance company practice.
When there is roof damage, you know whom to call Contact Carpenter &Czelusta for help getting your roof repaired, your insurance dispute handled,and your claim settled.

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