Protecting Your Rights While You Resolve An Insurance Dispute

Unfortunately, you have found yourself needing help toresolve an insurance dispute. 'That is where the experienced lawyers atCarpenter and Czelusta can help. Our team will take a deep dive into thepaperwork, insurance talks, and reports to ensure the wording is honest andfair. We don't want you to get less than you deserve.

So, contact the insurance dispute lawyers you can trust ifyou are aggravated with the "insurance speak" of the agent you areworking with and are getting strangely low offers.


Obviously, insurance companies are in operation to makemoney. That said, we see countless instances of insurance companies looking forloopholes and trying to adjust the wording to award you a lower payout thanwhat you need and deserve. That is when you need help to resolve an insurancedispute.

What we call acts of "bad faith" are the reasonsfor these insurance disputes. If you cannot agree with the insurance company,trial lawyers can help settle the dispute. You see, attempts to lower the claimby the insurance company or bad faith may appear in various forms. Here are afew of the more common Acts of Bad Faith:

·       Refusal to thoroughly investigate your claim andexamine all the evidence.

·       Denying or undervaluing your claim.

·       Violation of policy terms.

·       Poor communication from an insurance agent tothe policyholder.

·       Blame placed on the policyholder.

·       Threatening the policyholder.

·       Misinterpretation and misrepresentation of theterms of the policy.

·       And even (frustrating the policyholder to apoint, causing you to give up and give in to a low roller.


When you are being mistreated, or the insurance company isacting in bad faith, you need someone to listen and fully comprehend the insand outs of the process. The trial lawyers at Carpenter and Czelusta know alltheir tricks and will call them out in an insurance dispute.



Whether you are dealing with an insurance dispute, you canreach a favorable settlement resolution with the help of a knowledgeable triallawyer. However, there are some important ways you can help handle your case.Here Is what we suggest al Carpenter and Czelusta,

1.     Know Your Rights - You can learn aboutyour case and state's specific laws regarding insurance companies on the stateinsurance department's website.

2.     Write a Letter - Clearly state the issueyou are having and include your contact information. Then send it to themanager of the company you are dealing with.

3.     Utilize an Agent or Broker - Agents haveconnections with all the different insurance companies. Using your agent tohelp with negotiation can help you understand the process.

4.     Involve a Third Party - If you feel yourclaim is not being resolved to a reasonable level of satisfaction, you canenlist the State Department of Insurance.

Finally, when you are having a dispute with an insurancecompany, you may need to acquire legal representation. If the lawyers determineyou have a viable case, they can work in your favor to reach a bettersettlement than you were able to on your own.

Contact Carpenter & Czelusta to resolve an insurancedispute in the Clearwater/Tampa Bay area.


There are many ways a dispute can be handled. The method bywhich your attorney will handle the case depends on the resolution desired.Sometimes, it is best to go to court, and other times it may not be. Here is abrief rundown of some of the methods lawyers use to resolve an insurancedispute. These methods are often referred to as ADR or "AlternativeDispute Resolution."

 ·      Judicial Trial takes place in a courtsetting when it is evident the case is leaning towards trial.

·       Administrative Agency Hearings areoutside the court and with a uniform agency for regulation.

·       Negotiation is the most common methodwhen one-on-one private conversation is needed.

·       Arbitration is also a private argumentprocess held in front of an impartial representative.

·       Mediation also takes place in a privatesetting It is useful when a dispute still has many questions to be answered.The mediator will help with setting

·       Summary Jury Trial is a newer method thatuses the attorney's summaries instead of calling witnesses in court.

·       A Mini Trial is more common in commercialdisputes. Both attorneys will present sides to an equal panel who will thendetermine the settlement.


No one really wants to go to trial to decide on an insurancedispute settlement. The insured would rather get it over quickly and move

on with less stress and interruption to the daily routine.And the insurance companies do not want the expense and adverse decisions madeon their claim. The best solution is often to settle out of court.

But you don't have to worry about the details of your casewhen you hire a team of attorneys. At Carpenter and Czelusta, we are experts atdeciphering the jargon and identifying the bad-faith efforts of insurancecompanies. We specialize in property damage insurance disputes, personal injuryinsurance disputes, and auto accident claim disputes.


We see it all the time. Your claim for property damage goesdenied, undervalued, or delayed for one reason or another. Hiring an insurancedispute lawyer specializing in both insurance disputes and property damagegives you the advantage you need to turn the claim around.

Some of the property damage insurance disputes we addresseach day are the following:

 ·       Water restoration due to pipe breakage or roofleaks

·       Fire remediation

·       Storm damages

And there is so much more. If you feel you have a propertydamage issue, call Carpenter and Czelusta for advice on proceeding with yourinsurance dispute claim.



Personal Injury law goes hand in hand with Personal InjuryInsurance Disputes. In this case, you will want an attorney team with years ofexperience and dual expertise to negotiate with patients, medical experts, andinsurance companies. You should feel comfortable speaking with your legalrepresentative about the injury to help you get on the way to healing andrecovering your losses.


Technically, auto accident disputes fall under the"Auto Accident" and the "Personal Injury" categories. Besure to attain an attorney group with both law areas to handle insurancedisputes with care, expert knowledge, experience, and precision. With millionsof auto accidents in the United States each year, you do not want to be one ofthe many injured who fall victim to the insurance companies.



From the Panhandle to the Florida Keys, Carpenter andCzelusta have been serving Florida victims since 1998. Practicing in all typesof personal injury matters, including insurance disputes, auto accidents, braininjury, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, and wrongful death, who we arematters.

Yes, who we are matters to you, the victim of personalinjury, and Carpenter and Czelusta are the lawyers to present your case.

With Carpenter and Czelusta Trial Lawyers, your lawsuit willbe evaluated by a dually-licensed healthcare and legal professional, nurseattorney Christa Carpenter, and attorney Eric Czelusta.

Policyholders cannot replace the knowledge and expertise ofan experienced trial lawyer from the firm of Carpenter and Czelusta. You cancount on our compassion for your situation and our understanding of insurancecompany practice.

Contact Carpenter and Czelusta for a consultation about yourInsurance Dispute.

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