New Year's Eve Top Safety Tips


New Year's Eve is the time we celebrate the past year andwelcome the new. Parties, TV specials, and more ring in the New Year with greatexpectations. However, hetty responsibility and unfortunate danger come withall those gatherings and celebrations.

The law team at Carpenter & Czelusta wishes you a safeand happy holiday season. With that comes an emphasis on SAFE! Everyone

Imows there are those who are not so careful during &significant events and the holidays.

In fact, states that drinkingincreases by 33% from Thanksgiving through the New Year's Eve celebrations.

When others get a bit carried away, vigilance is critical.That way, we all have a happy and safe New Year's Eve and holiday season.


Ringing in the New Year often comes with binge drinking andmore. You may not be able to prevent others from being irresponsible, but thereare ways to keep yourself and your family safe. Awareness of others' actions iskey to knowing just how to avoid accidents this season. After all, no one wantsto start the New Year with a trip to the ER.

Some of the incidents we see each year include thefollowing:

• Fireworks accidents

• Car accidents

• Drunk Driving Accidents

• Pedestrian accidents

• Premises Liability

• Slip and Eall

• And more

These accidents can range from simple cuts and bruises tobroken bones, whiplash, concussion, brain injury, organ damage, and even death.If you are involved in any degree of an accident on New Year's Eve or at anytime, for that matter, please seek medical attention right away. Your body andyour attorney will thank you. 


Yes, you can still celebrate and keep yourself and your,family safe at the same time. There are many safety measures you can put intoaction no matter how you choose to celebrate.

Join Carpenter & Czelusta in keeping things safe for allthis season, whether you stay in, go out, or host the party to be remembered.


Watching, the ball drop in the comfort of your home is asafe way to celebrate and have a fantastic time. But accidents can happen, evenright at home. And if you are hosting guests, you have the added responsibilityto help them stay safe as well. Here are some tips for a great night while youstay in.

• Keep your guest list limited to those you know will besold and responsible along with you.

• Make sure no one leaves your home drunk. And if they mustgo, call a driver for them.

• Plan ahead to have games and snacks, so no one has to runout for any reason.

• Clean spills right away. While you may be in the middle ofa game or watching a show, a slip-and-fall could bring the evening to a halt.

• Make sure your cell phone Is charged so there is at leastone way to reach emergency services if anything should go wrong.

Don't allow the hopes for the future to be dashed instantlyof carelessness. Stay safe this year with a bit of advanced caution and care.


You cannot control whether someone else drives drunk, butyou can take every precaution while going out. More than half of all accidentson New Year's Eve involve high blood alcohol levels. And that is really nosurprise. But in addition, the sheer number of people all celebrating one nightmakes for the perfect storm of accidents. If you are going out for the night,here are a few tips to keep you and those in your company safe.

• Obviously, you'll need to designate a sober driver if youare going to indulge this year.

• Use rideshare programs and drivers.

• Take a friend. Never go anywhere alone. The buddy systemworks best on busy holidays.

• Ensure your phone is charged before you leave the house.

• Be sure to eat something and hydrate throughout theevening.

• Never leave your drink on a counter or bar unattended.

• Maybe you want to book a hotel room and walk. That is agreat way to avoid being on the road.

• Never rush. Plan plenty of time to get where you want tobe.

• If driving, park in a well-lit area and lock the windowsand doors.

• Only bring what you absolutely need like ID, money, andone credit card.

• When crossing a street on foot, ensure you are in thecrosswalk areas and take extra care to cross only when clear.


Hasting a party comes with added responsibility on NewYear's Eve. While you want to provide fun, laughter, and a perfect place toring In the new year, you must also plan for safety. Here a a few ideas to keepyourself, your company, and the facility safe.

Use battery-operated candles and ensure smoke alarms areworking.

• Know where the closest open medical facilities are beforethe evening.

Set up a ride-share service or a taxi driver to contact yourguests.

Offer alcohol-free beverages, water, and food for extracaution when there is alcohol being served.

Stop serving alcoholic beverages before the night is over.That way, folks have time to sober up if needed. Coffee is a great way tochange the drink for the evening around 10 pm.

• Before anyone sets out fireworks outside your place, knowyour local regulations and set up rules for safety. And be sure to have a hoseready in case of emergency.

Do not allow guns at your party. It is all too easy for ahandgun to go off and accidentally hurt someone.

• And be sure to point the champagne cork away From thecrowd.

If anyone does get hurt at a party, make sure they seekmedical attention. And it you need advice, call your local personal injuryattorney for advice.


One of the busiest times for medical facilities and personalinjury attorneys is after the new year. Unfortunately, not everyone takes ouradvice to stay safe. But, in those cases where you are hurt due to someoneelse's negligence, Carpenter & Czelusta are the dual practice law team foryou. We see all sorts of personal injuries arise to alter the holidays,including but not limited to the following.

·       Car Accidents

·       Boating Accidents

·       Motorcycle Accidents

·       Slip-and-Fall Cases

·       Medical Malpractice

·       Wrongful Death

·       And more

We genuinely hope our clients have no reason to call as inJanuary concerning a holiday accident. However, when calamities strike, we arehere. We come alongside our clients, help ease the transition, and encourageyour healing With the medical attention you need and the representation youdeserve, Carpenter and Czelusta are coastal Elorida's trial attorney team.

If you or a loved one has been hurt and needs legalrepresentation, contact the friendly attorneys at Carpenter and Czelusta rightaway.

Have a safe and happy holiday season and best wishes for theNew Year.

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