Is There Free Legal Advice Online?

The internet is an incredible resource. It connects people from all over the world, providing information, products, services, and more. Before this magical online world existed, people were often limited to the small community surrounding them. While the internet may be reliable and helpful for many situations, free legal advice online can be troublesome.

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Continue reading to learn how careful you must be when seeking online legal help.

What Free Legal Advice Online is Offered?

In our modern world, you can do just about anything on the web. So, it may not surprise you that you can easily access free legal advice online. Not only can you get counsel on your legal troubles, but you can even file for divorce or set up a business—entirely on the internet.

So, what kind of online legal services are there? The following are the common legal aids you can find with a quick Google search:

  • Websites where you can enter a question for free and receive an answer from a certified lawyer.
  • Inexpensive memberships where you can call a lawyer at any time.
  • Online services are where you enter information on a digital form and pay a small fee for legal paperwork to be sent to you in the mail.

Is it a Good Idea to Seek Free Legal Advice Online?

If you’re like most people today, the first thing you do when you have a question about something is pull out your phone or laptop and enter the inquiry into Google. Billions of Google searches occur daily, and many of these entries involve legal situations.

Is it smart to go to Google for legal help? There’s no clear-cut answer. However, many experts say that seeking free legal advice online is not wise.

Most agree that doing a little research online is typical and can be helpful. But your efforts shouldn’t stop there. There’s nothing wrong with getting familiar with the legal scenario you face via online information. A professional would likely advise you to limit your online search and schedule an in-person consultation with a lawyer.

Missing Important Details

There are some situations where free legal advice online could be helpful, such as setting up a business. However, those with more complex cases should use caution or avoid attractive online resources entirely.

For instance, setting up an LLC online doesn’t come with many risks. There aren’t complicated and emotional decisions being made. For the most part, the new business owner simply needs to choose a name and sign paperwork making the company official.

Important details can be missed when handling cases with more critical decisions to be made. Buying a home, creating your will, and filing for a divorce are excellent examples of legal matters that are far better addressed when working with a personal lawyer.

On the other hand, while some professionals believe online advice is helpful for specific situations, others find that there is always a chance detail will fall through the cracks. Working with a lawyer in a traditional setting would eliminate the chance of trouble.

The Time and Money Saved Isn’t Worth It

Free legal advice online can be powerfully attractive—mainly because people assume they will save loads of time and money by taking this route. However, in many cases, the time and money saved are not worth the hassle of dealing with any aftermath of not genuinely going through the legal process.

A better approach for those with a limited budget is to seek a reliable, less expensive lawyer. Spending extra cash on a massive law firm with a big name is never necessary.

With tricky online legal advice, you may save time and money now but pay for it in the long run.

Differing Laws from State to State

When you seek free legal advice online, you may speak to a lawyer in an entirely different state. This can become an issue due to the difference between state laws. While the online advisor will likely attempt to cater to the laws in your state, they are only an expert in the laws in the state they are in. Unfortunately, this could result in the lawyer leading a client in the wrong direction.

Every Case is Unique

No two cases are identical. While the legal matter may be the same between the two cases, the personal and emotional details are guaranteed to differ. For this reason, it is hard to rely on a single online form to anticipate all your needs in your legal case.

Many professionals claim that free legal advice online never truly resolves a case. In a couple of years, the client may find that they have to make continuous alterations and fix issues that could have been avoided in the first place by traditionally working with a lawyer.

Think of it like this—it’s more like a band-aid solution for a wound that needs surgery or stitches. Problems will arise later, even if it seems to “fix” it now.

It’s Not Always Free, Even If It Claims to Be

Like other online services, many free legal advice sites are too good to be true. While the website may claim to be free, you’ll likely face a sudden pop-up that requires a payment to continue with your online legal help.

Often, these payments come in the form of a membership or subscription. This is typical for modern internet services, however, they can be difficult to cancel.

How You Can Safely Use Free Legal Advice Online to Your Advantage

You shouldn’t be afraid to do a little research before working with a lawyer in person. What’s great about the internet is that you have a world of information at your fingertips. In fact, that’s precisely why we produce blogs— Carpenter & Czelusta is dedicated to providing accurate and generalized information for those with questions they want to be answered quickly. After reading one of our blog posts, we encourage you to speak with us more about the specifics of your case.

Furthermore, the key to safely using online information for legal help is knowing that not everything you read on the internet can be trusted. Likewise, it shouldn’t be the only resource you rely on for settling a case.

Here are some tips for using free legal advice online wisely:

  • Choose trusted sites with established credibility.
  • Make sure the information is current and updated with law changes.
  • Only refer to sites discussing laws in your state or county to prevent confusion.
  • Avoid paying fees to obtain legal paperwork and further advice.
  • Do not base your future decisions strictly on what you read online, and remember to keep an open mind when working with your lawyer in person.
  • Try not to rely on just one source for your information. If you are trying to get an idea of the direction you want to take with legal action, it is important you base your research on several sources to ensure the advice is as accurate as it can be.
  • Note further questions and comments you have for when you speak with your lawyer in a traditional setting.

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