How To Navigate The Attorney-Client Relationship

With Carpenter and Czelusta, you'll experience caringpersonal attention, legal and subject matter expertise, and trial experiencethat leads to results.

As an attorney, you are 100% dedicated to the relationshipyou are building with your client and the success of the case you are making.

Likewise, as a client, you count on your attorney to actwith clear communication, integrity, and a commitment to your best interests.

But the attorney-client relationship can be an overwhelmingdynamic, especially when emotions are running high.

In this article, we suggest ways to choose and get to knowyour attorney so the relationship can assist in the case, not hinder. So, ifyou are looking for the right attorney to represent your case, keep reading. AtCarpenter & Czelusta, we know what we offer to our valuable clients, and weknow what you need in an attorney-client relationship.


Making sure you have found the right attorney is imperativeto building a case and getting results. In fact, it makes all the difference.

However, most people do not know what they should be lookingfor in an attorney-client relationship. Below you will find a list of thetraits you should insist upon when choosing your attorney.

1.     Comfortability: Above all, you shouldfeel comfortable with whomever you choose. They should be easy to talk to andtake the time to get to know you.

2.     Experience: Does the attorney you areconsidering have experience in not only the field but the same kind of case youare presenting? Ask them about those experiences and what the results were.

3.     Personal Recommendations: Anotheressential effort in finding an attorney is to ask around. Once you have acouple of recommendations lined up, you can take to looking at their reviews onYelp, BBB, and social media.

When you have narrowed the selection to a couple ofprospective attorneys, you will want to set up a meeting/phone call where youinterview them. There, the attorney has the chance to impress you with how theycan and will help you get results.



Once you have signed an agreement to work with an attorneyof your choosing, there are a few things you should be able to count on.

The ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct serve as a modelfor the professional conduct of an attorney. In summary, they state thefollowing:

·       Your chosen attorney should have the basiccompetence to handle the case you present or have a consultation from someonewho is qualified.

·       Attorneys should not represent the other sidewhile representing your case.

·       Fees charged should be reasonable as defined bystate law.

·       Lawyers may not combine the money they owe youwith their own money.

·       All activity executed by the attorney must belegal and beneficial on your behalf.

Beyond these provisions, as set forth by the American BarAssociation and the state, trust is crucial to the success of your case.


Communication is so important when building essential trustwith your attorney. Both attorney and client need to be upfront and 100% honestto be prepared for trial. Here are some of the qualities of trust you shouldexpect in the attorney-client relationship.

·       Attorney-client confidentiality is a must. Whatyou say must be qualified and stay within the agreement you have set up andwithin the state mandate.

·       Open communication should be a given. Yourattorney should not only return your calls but proactively reach out to you.

·       Then ask yourself, can you give it all to theattorney and then step back and let them work? If not, you may have the wronglawyer.


Setting high expectations and establishing trust areundoubtedly the most important things a client should be able to count on fromtheir law team. That said, you are not the only person responsible for thisrelationship. Your attorney has half the burden to come through with the abovequalities and more.



As you know, creating an attorney-client relationship can bememorable and fulfilling. Most attorneys can recall some of their mostfavorable clients, and they would love to recreate that with every case theyare handed. However, it takes effort on both parts. Here are a few things as anattorney you can remember when working with clients to build that perfectworking and trust relationship.


Communication is a crucial building block to theattorney-client relationship. Making assumptions is never the correct answer.Most clients appreciate, your reaching out with questions. Additionally,keeping them informed of the progress in the case benefits both you and theclient. You see when you reach out to let them know where you are in theprocess and the steps you are taking, they don't have to wonder and thus bugyou with a million questions.


Clients will be more forthcoming, open, and honest whenattorneys work to retain trust in the partnership. And after all, you cannotadequately represent a client without full transparency. But gaining theirtrust takes effort, communication, and dedication. Be sure you are on time formost if not all appointments. Manage all your clients in such a way as to giveeach the attention they need and deserve. And ensure you are always listening100% when meeting with a client.


With clear communication and trust comes an expectation forrepresentation and delivery. Ensure your client knows precisely what to expectfrom the start of the process to the very end. Set realistic expectations andaddress variables from the get-go. And in communication efforts, be sure toamend those expectations as you go. When trust and communication are evident,the client will be more confident of your work on their behalf.


Teamwork is the goal of any successful partnership.Likewise, organization, efficiency, hard work, and dedication are traits youknow you want to communicate. Don't take your reputation for granted. Set outwhat you want to provide for your clients, and be sure you are implementingthose qualities day-to-day.



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