Avoiding Legal Issues In The Holiday Season


Tis the season, as they say. "Tis the season forlaughter and cheer, good), and holiday fun. And everyone joins in on thefestivities with family, at work, and even then in the community. But when whatis supposed to be "merry and bright" turns into legal issues, themood can turn into a real hurry.

You might not think of the holiday season as a potential formultiple legal issues, but it indeed is. Unfortunately, emotions are heightenedduring the holidays, and not everyone is feeling the cheer. There are manygrinches out there that are not so keen on this time of year. Therefore,avoiding legal issues becomes a concern for all.

In the following article, you'll find ways to avoid thoseholiday legal issues for homeowners, employers, and more. However, if you dofind yourself with untimely legal problems to solve, contact the knowledgeableattorneys at Carpenter and Czelusta for representation you can trust.


Believe it or not, this is the time to be extra careful. Tiseems everyone is in a rush for one reason or another. And if you can slow downa bit and take caution at each turn, you may just avoid an accident or a legalissue this holiday season. Here are a few examples of the potential legalproblems heightened during this time of year.

1.     Car accidents increase during the holidays dueto the sheer rush and distraction of the holidays ahead Driving defensively andwith extra caution Is an excellent way to ensure you are not an unfortunatevictim of a larried driver.

2.     Slip and falls increase for The same reason.Folks are in a burry, overtired, and have their hands full. Then when theyleast expect It, they are on the ground. Take your time, wear suitable shoes,and try not to overdo it this year to avoid a lawsuit.

3.     Medical malpractice can also increase this timeof year: even doctors have a limit. They get stressed during the holidays too.And when they are overlined, overworked, or just plain negligent, mistakes canhappen. Please don't fall victim to a doctor or surgeon who is not working attheir best. Be sure to interview your surgeon the day before the surgery to seehow they feel about the procedure. And if you can, reschedule if you do notthink they are at their peak.

Of course, there are even more examples that could be onthis list Suffice it to say that we could all be a bit more careful to keep theGolidays safe and avoid legal issues.


Homeowners often experience more legal trouble during thisseason. holidays. Some celebrate, and some do not. Some are refined and quietin their festivities, and then there are the Griswolds of the world. No matterwhich type you are, there is always an opposite that can get a bit irritatedwith your particular way of celebrating the season. Listed here are a few ofthe ways homeowners can find themselves with legal issues this holiday.


Most folks have taken time to slow down for a home with anincredible display of lights, music, and more for Christmas. But occasionally,a neighbor will not share in the same enthusiasm. Extravagant lighting displaysnot only light up the neighbors but can cause real traffic issues as well. kromfolks traipsing across the lawns to honking and busy streets, there are severalways a display with good intent can cause a community debacle.


It may surprise you that the new laser light showshomeowners can now purchase could be causing issues for pilots. If the laser iscaught just right, it could be a problem for those in the air. These laserdevices are often Stolen right out of Yaris.


It may sound tie a good idea to hire someone to come to yourhome and hang your Christmas lights for you. But if credentials are notchecked, you could end up with an unlicensed contractor and a lawsuit. Avoidthis problem by only hiring companies that are licensed and insured for hangingChristmas lights. 


Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are all reasons foremployers and employees to let their hair down a little and celebrate theyear's success. But often, these parties can get a bit out of hand. Here arethe ways employers can avoid legal issues during the holidays.


Remind the stall that this is a work event. Everyone isencouraged to have a good time while remaining, professional. No one likes tobabysit an employee who drinks too much or turns away unwanted advances. Andthere are so many other ways things can go wrong if the staff does not alwayskeep it professional.


There is no denying, that excessive drinking is a well-knownproblem at holiday parties in the workplace. 11 If you are planning a holidaygathering, be sure to keep the following tips in mind.

1.     Open bars are open for disaster.

2.     Have a bartender that can regulate the strengthof the drinks.

3.     Try using drink tickets to limit the number ofdrinks available.

4.     After bour and wine only.

5.     Ensure there is food for the guests to offsetthe drinks.

Setting expectations and a good example is the best way tokeep the party fun and avoid potential problems.


From religious considerations to various backgrounds andcelebration styles, be inclusive to all. It is a good idea to survey theemployees to see what each person desires for the observance of theseason. 


Some companies shut down, and others stay open. Be sure tostate your company's policy on each holiday clearly, so there is no confusion.Furthermore, there are varying policies on holiday pay. Some businesses pay,some don't, and others pay for time and a hall for working the holiday.Communication is imperative when it comes to holiday pay.

These are just a low of the legal issues that a companycould run into during the stress of the holidays. Avoid those issues witheffective communication and transparent policy and procedure. 


This time of year, there are so many reasons to run to themall for holiday shopping. Shoppers gear up all year long for Black Friday,Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and more. Don't be the victim of fraud,robbery, and more this season.

1.     Be aware of counterfeits. From counterfeitproducts to counterfeit money, some would cheat you if they could. And knockoff cosmetics and home products can cause health issues and more. Lakeelectronics that are not regulated can short and even cause fires. Be sure whatyou are getting is from a reputable source and is the real deal.

2.     Identity theft is rampant and more accessiblethan ever. Don't have your identity compromised. In online shopping, look forthe "HTTP" in the URL indicates a secure site. Protect your passwordsand credit cards too. And be aware of bogus deals that are only to gather yourinformation.


Let Carpenter & Czelusta help you avoid legal issues andfight for your rights. When choosing Carpenter and Czelusta to work your case,you partner with the experience of dually licensed healthcare and legalprofessionals, nurse attorney Christa Carpenter and attorney Tric Czelsta.

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Need representation this holiday season? Contact the team atCarpenter & Czelusta for your rights.

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